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Ep. 216: Jack Schwager Interview with Michael Covel on Trend Following Radio

Jack Schwager
Jack Schwager

Michael Covel talks with writer and trader Jack Schwager, author of the Market Wizards series, in his third visit to the podcast. Today, Covel and Schwager discuss his newest book, The Little Book of Market Wizards. Schwager also has a new program out called Fund Seeder. Covel and Schwager discuss how Fund Seeder acts as a liaison for traders and investors; the difficulty of starting out as a new trader; how Fund Seeder is a global opportunity; Schwager’s last book, Hedge Fund Market Wizards; the timeless quality of the Market Wizards books; Jesse Livermore’s Reminiscences of a Stock Operator; how human nature is the only thing that will never change; looking for a “secret recipe” in the Market Wizards book; “The Upside of Down: Why Failing Well Is The Key To Success” by Megan McArdle; why failure is smart and an essential part of success; the importance of failure in the context of education; behavioral economics; Jack Horner and thinking outside of the box; the importance of loving what you do for a living; and the importance of travel. More information about Fund Seeder can be found at The Little Book of Market Wizards is also available now from all major retailers.

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