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“Covel Showed Me The Door, I Just Walked Through It”

Feedback in:

I have just started my trend following journey. I had discovered this method in trying and failing for years at forex although I haven’t lost more than a few hundred thus far. Naturally once I heard the term trend following I immediately had an Aha moment. I am a regular or less than regular 30 year old uneducated guy. I have spent most of my life though learning about everything. I have taught myself a lot over the years so I’ve always known I could beat the market. Being a poor person has left me with little or no capital to make any realistic gains and when I have hear comes all the shit over data and news, and wiped me out. And every time I get mad at my self for not performing to my own standards which I see as my potential. I am writing you this letter because I have found myself in desperate times for a number of personal reasons, but in discovery of trend following I have found my way even if it takes me years. I have listened to almost everyone of your podcasts! and consumed as much information I can from anywhere I can. I would like to thank you for giving all us poor people a free opportunity to learn not for the magic bullet buy here sell there but for the general idea and the wisdom of saying see what you can do. I am currently trading forex with this method do to my limited capital and my ability to leverage. Whether I am successful or not time will tell but I’d like to thank you for everything you do basically for free and if I do make it I’ll have to say, “Michael Covel showed me the door, I just walked through it.”


Adam, thanks, but no more calling yourself poor. Poor is temporary, in mind and wallet.

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