Trade Your Way to Freedom

A recent interchange:

Drew West: I love your podcast. What days do you regularly have it loaded?

Covel: No set schedule yet — maybe I need to fix that!

Drew West: How does a finance grad get a legit job in finance. Do I build a personal website and SEO it? I’ve listened to every podcast from day one and some multiple times, love the recent Tom Demark one…

Covel: I would first ask what you consider a legit finance job? Does job mean you work for someone?

Drew West: Almost anything as long as I’m not selling life insurance and bogus annuities driving around all day.

Covel: I would work more at getting more specific. Right now I have no clue what you know or what you want to do.

Drew West: I love trading.

Covel: Why are you not trading?

Drew West: Poor student loans. If I knew what I know now, I might not of went to college.

Covel: Make cash. Start trading. The way you make cash first might not be in finance nor does it have to be.

Drew West: I’m connected to Ned Davis on LI and tried meeting with him but I’ve learned he sold out like everyone else I know.

Covel: Who cares about anyone else. You have cash, you can trade. Get cash.

Drew West: Well I’ve tried quibids – but I’ve learned it would take tremendous capital to make profitable.

Covel: Never heard of that. Go standards: stocks, futures and options. That’s what to trade.

Drew West: Oh its just an auction site – alternative trading.

Covel: No gimmicks. Unless that is how you make the cash to go to real markets.

Drew West: Well I’ll take that into consideration… Save cash… Thx, do you prefer Michael or Mr. Covel?

Covel: Mike fine. Read “Linchpin” By Seth Godin.

Drew West: I did. I love Godin.

Covel: Don’t chase finance jobs.

Drew West: Ok I’m going to do pharma sales. I have medical experience and seems best option without doubt hopefully. Actually you don’t like hope, so I’m working towards doing that.

Covel: Make the cash. Then you have time and choices otherwise known as freedom.

Drew West: Cool thanks. Talk another time. Stay warm if you’re in that Virginia area, let me know if you come down to Florida. Ya freedom! Agreed.

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