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Choosing a Fund Manager: Where to Start?

Feedback in:

Dear Michael, my name is Myles [name] and I am from Dublin, Ireland. I am 43 years old and my back ground is in construction. I have studied trading for the last 18 months, your books, podcasts and website have become the core of my research. Before I go any further, thank you for your work, it will be life changing for me and my family. I have recently purchased your latest system. So as you say yourself let me jump right in!

I came across your fantastic work while reading THE NEXT BIG INVESTEMENT BOOM by Mark Shipman. I think the story of how he started at 16 with almost no formal education and retired with a small fortune at 33 having borrowed £60k from family and friends would be a great story for your listeners. I would love to hear Mark interviewed on your podcast some day. Mark called the property crash in 2007 and also the commodity boom. Mark gives a couple of basic trend following systems using weekly charts.

Michael, I have read all your books and lots more that you have recommended. I realized I needed to educate myself further other than just reading books so I enrolled with the IIFT (Irish Institute Financial Trading) in Dublin, so I could understand the terminology and how to read charts, etc. IIFT are mainly Day Traders, and I realized that this was not for me over the long term, but I learned what I needed and also met two excellent teachers.

My intention is to continue developing my own trading plan and education through my enrollment in your training system. I feel more comfortable trading small until I progress over the years with help from your team. If I may please ask can you suggest any small to medium size trend following fund managers that I might engage with for the medium term with a view to investing 50/100K?

I understand the relevance of perhaps choosing a manager on a drawdown, and also the importance of understanding and agreeing the risk element of any investment, can you suggest other criteria particular to choosing professional fund managers? Finally, I should say that my inquiries may not be strictly within the bounds of your support package but this is where I am and I know I am solely and fully responsible for my own investments now and always. I am already extremely grateful for your guidance and I would very much like to meet you and have a snake heart in Saigon someday, or hopefully in Singapore this year, until then its fish and chips!

Sorry for rambling on, thank you.

I think the best option for finding a manager is to investigate the ones mentioned in my books. There are others of course and I implore you to investigate those too. In the context of my training we can also have some back/forth about the issues associated with selection.

Thanks for the nice feedback Myles.

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