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Don’t Focus on Account Size, Focus on Learning and Process

Feedback in:

Merry Christmas, I have been listening to your podcast for a few weeks now. Great education and great guests. Listen, I am a 18 yo kid (on his way to becoming a man) from Montreal. I have been doing simulations since I was 16 and I have been reading a lot of books about trading lately. I have just started your turtle trader. I am going to start trading in 2014. I have a few questions:
1) Do have any tips and tricks for people starting of with small accounts (I will have 2000$)?
2) What are your exit strategies when you are profitable on a trader? In other words, who do you avoid turning a win into a loss?
3) How big should my positions be?

Thank you, [name]

First step? My books: here. The tips and tricks so to speak start there. My TurtleTrader book is a great step. Also, if you need more personal support my training is an option: here.

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