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Ep. 164: Richard Noble Interview with Michael Covel on Trend Following Radio

Richard Noble
Richard Noble

Today on the podcast Michael Covel speaks with Richard Noble. Noble likes to go very fast. In fact, the Scottish entrepreneur held the land-speed record between 1983 and 1997. His current team is aiming to go over 1000 MPH on the ground in a car. Covel and Noble discuss what 600 MPH feels like to someone who has never been there before; the mental processes when you’re going at high speeds; process vs. outcome; the danger of emotional highs; Noble’s entrepreneurial spirit; how Noble got the desire for the land-speed record at the age of six; whether Noble views his endeavors as “life threatening”; the idea of “higher risk” in life and society today; the importance of taking risks; the idea of developing a “risk culture”; motivating people to come over to your own perspective; the difficulties Noble experienced with British culture, the media, and with big companies; the parallel experiences Covel and Noble have had on the web; and where Noble stands on breaking the 1000 MPH barrier right now. For more information on Richard Noble, go to

Listen to this episode:

richard noble

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