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Government, Markets and Media Propaganda

Feedback from Australia:

G’day Michael, I have recently discovered your podcasts, am awaiting your DVD, have signed up to your e-mailing list and have just brought one of your books. I’ve already had one of those ” ah-ha” moments, whilst listening to a podcast, and can’t wait now to sink my teeth into one of your books. Thought you might find this next bit amusing, we’ve just had the election here in Australia, and have a guess what all the media outlets are blaming for the so called “sharp rise” in the market. Of course you got it right, a change in Government. Gee haven’t heard that one before! Thought you might like the giggle factor in that one. Thanks again for helping me in gaining the momentum to get the education I’ve been looking for. Much appreciated.

Kind Regards,

Thanks Guy!

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