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They Don’t Understand

Some will never get it. This is why trend following will always work. This is why trend following will never become over crowded. A recent email:

[I have a] new fund 3.5 months underway and we’re up 4.5 pct vs SP500 up 5 pct, but we’ve only been net 17 pct long so created 3.65 pct in alpha. [I] was just at [a] Morgan Stanley hedge fund conference, [I] was presenting and [a] big fund of funds investor asked us how we did in July. [I] said we were up 2.60 pct vs SP500 up 4.9 pct. He said, “That’s great” and that we must have killed it on the long side. [I] told him we made money on both sides. He said, “You made money short in July??”? [I] said, “Yea.” He said, “But the market was up 5 pct, how’d you do that?” I said, “Not all stocks were going up in August.” They can’t understand.

Thanks for the story.

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