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Where Do I Start?

Feedback in:

Thanks so much for taking my email. I was recently pointed to Michael Covel’s podcast while listening to a Stansberry Radio podcast. I’m a touring musician, and these podcasts are what I listen to when I get the late shift to drive the bus! Really keeps my brain thinking. As with most musicians, I have a passion for what I do and have enjoyed the past 20 years doing so. However, the financial hardships that this can bring to a family are evident. My wife and girls have been an incredible help to me, and have supported me in all my escapades. We have had the opportunity to travel the world, and feel really blessed. Now, although I am still touring, I’m looking for a different opportunity for the future. Before moving into music for a career, I worked with in a financial advisory role out of college with a local firm. I obtained all the “needed” certifications to do so. However, looking back, I was nowhere near a place to be giving out financial advice. I was just selling. As I have gotten older, I am truly considering diving back in for the benefit of me and my family. I don’t have much to start with, but have been pouring through material. I have always loved the markets and the work behind the scenes. However, I don’t always understand the entire process. I know that I need to be taught a plan/system and rules to follow to start, but really have no idea where to begin in that. I have been reading everything I can get my hands on as money and time allows including the book about the Turtles. I really feel like this system, once understood, I can stick with. The rules to me do not appear to be hard for my personality type to grasp/hold on to. I like to win… even when a system might take some losses to grow. I guess I am really contacting you all to reach out and ask for some help. I have opened a small trading account with low transaction fees. I’m really starting from scratch and wanted to get your advice on what is the best way to approach things and what steps you would recommend. Thanks again for the time, and for the podcasts and books. I have really enjoyed the experience already. I look forward to hearing your recommendations and advice.

Brian [name]
[name], TX

There is no short answer, but here are some:

1. My books.
2. My training and systems.

Those are the best places to start.

Note: A great benefit to trend following? You don’t have to be glued to a screen. Far from it.

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