Ep. 157: Mike Bellafiore Interview with Michael Covel on Trend Following Radio

Michael Covel speaks with Mike Bellafiore, author of “The PlayBook”. Bellafiore trades an entirely different style than trend following, operating on a much shorter timeframe. Covel and Bellafiore discuss the real rewards to being a successful trader; passion in trading; why professional traders fail; parallels between trading and writing; Bellafiore’s history and definitions of “prop trading”; trading short timeframes and intraday trading; the “prop desk”; ups and downs in Bellafiore’s career; the early history of SMB Capital; Bellafiore’s early struggles with his father’s health concerns, his mother’s death, an SEC investigation, and how “The PlayBook” came out of it; the ten attributes of a great trader; trading psychology and mindset; personality types and short-term trading; microscalping and swing trading; expertise, flow, and mastery; process vs. outcome; entrepreneurship; the importance of coaching; and the four ways to become great at anything. Want a free trend following DVD? Go to trendfollowing.com/win.

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4 thoughts on “Ep. 157: Mike Bellafiore Interview with Michael Covel on Trend Following Radio

  1. Really enjoyed this interview! Some of your most entertaining and engaging podcasts are with these shorter term traders. Constructively, it would be enormously valuable if you could have them quantify what his “success” has been like. Don’t be afraid to ask these guys this question. They will respect you for it. If they’re going to go on your podcast and tout their success, they should have no problem talking about real documented results. How has his prop trading firm performed year over year? What was their largest draw down? When he discusses how his top traders are killing it with certain strategies, what does that mean? Is that 5%, 50%, 100+%? One of the reasons I respect you is because you call guys to the carpet on performance viz. “Where is the track record?” Again, really enjoyed this interview but without quantifying results, who knows… Don’t you find it odd he didn’t quantify any performance at all (rhetorical).

  2. I have a podcast with Michael and my results are posted on my web page Also my 12 month recent results are available on request. I am currently ranked 5th in the country by Timers Digest. Results can be inflated by the writer, but results present by an independent reporter are more believable.

  3. Jim, Spot on! Candidly, I almost referenced your very podcast with Covel in my post above as one I have listened to multiple times and obviously thoroughly enjoyed. Encore!


  4. Ed Seykota says that day-trading track records don’t seem to exist..

    The same seems to apply to “Bellafiore” and his “prop firm.”


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