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“The Market is Always Right.”

Jim Rohrbach writes:

I was listening to the Gary Kaltbaum show last night, and my friend Brian Balsanek was filling in for Gary. Brian said something that was very profound and simple. He said, “The stock market is always right.” I love that. Yes the market is always right. Often we hear people saying that the market is going to go up or go down. They place their investment decisions with what they think the market is going to do. Then when the market doesn’t do what they think it should do, they try to tell us that the market is wrong. They don’t admit that they are wrong. The market does what it wants to do and it is always right. We may not agree with what the market is doing at any point in time, but it is futile to say the market is wrong or to invest opposite the market. If the trend of the market is up, that is the correct trend and we need to go with it. If the trend is turns down, we should get out and not try to rationalize that the market should not be going down. Since the market is going down, and since the market is always right, we should get out.

Nice Jim.

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