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Ep. 90: Richard Weissman with Michael Covel on Trend Following Radio

Richard Weissman
Richard Weissman

Michael Covel talks with trader and author Richard Weissman. Weissman is a professional trader with over 25 years of experience. His most recent book is “Trade Like a Casino: Find Your Edge, Manage Risk, and Win Like the House“. Weissman considers himself a “swing trader”, and he and Covel compare this approach to that of a trend following trader. Covel and Weissman have some contrasts in their techniques, including Weissman’s use of fundamentals in his trading, and they work out their differences along the way. However, regardless of the name they give to their individual trading styles, Covel and Weissman have plenty of commonalities and they discuss some classic precepts that are important to the foundational philosophy of any good trader. The two explore Weissman’s path from how he started trading with his father in 1987 to how he made his way to where he is today. Further topics include the background to Weissman naming his book “Trade Like a Casino”, and how Casinos and the gaming industry are the models for successful speculative trading; the influence of Jack Schwager’s work; risk management; positive expectancy; how Weissman defines trends and signs of strength; the idea of “don’t anticipate, just participate”; positive expectancy and the probability skew; the connection between table limits and risk management; how there are no truly “safe investments”; some tools that Weissman has used to influence his own trading psychology and smooth out the emotional highs and lows; not letting a high price stop you from buying, and not letting a low price stop you from selling; Weissman’s concept of “the opaque urn”; and the three things you can guarantee. Weissman and Covel also go over some of Weissman’s great one-liners: “don’t tug at green shoots” and “trade the market, not the money”.

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