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Struggling with the Corporate “Thing” and Podcast Tonic

Feedback in:

Michael, just a quick note to say thanks for making the effort on producing the Podcast.

I travel around a lot in my car working for ‘the man’. But as you know, ‘the man’ sucks and I find myself spending more and more time looking at Trend Following opportunities and listening to you, as ultimately this is what I will be doing. And I totally respect your forthright, no complicit views. I have always struggled with the ‘corporate’ thing and have never been happy really working for the man. Yes, I like a lot of the people I work with, but the bosses expect more and more and more and especially in this economy they know they have you over a barrel. Hey, it just pays the bills man. Don’t love my job, but love trend following.

I find your monologues not only interesting, but highly entertaining. You also have a great knowledge and taste of music which adds to the mix. After a lot of expensive mistakes trading over the years that I have finally within the last couple of months as Jake would say, ‘Seen the light’. By the way The Blues Brothers is one of my all time favorite films and you playing that clip when they are sitting at the little desks in front of ‘The Penguin’ made me burst out laughing on my own in the car! “I guess you’re really up shit creek then.”

Listening to your successful trend trader guests is great because although they are clearly very [successful] men they still talk about the basic principles with enthusiasm and authority. The biggest lesson I have learned (beyond obviously not making those expensive mistake again) is RISK MANAGEMENT and not to get personal on trades. If you ignore these two then its curtains my friend!

I hope you come over to the UK as I’d like to shake you by the hand.

Keep it going.

Kind regards,

Simon G. Monmouth, UK

Thanks Simon for the thoughtful feedback!

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