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Ep. 46: Ralph Vince Interview with Michael Covel on Trend Following Radio

Ralph Vince
Ralph Vince

Michael Covel speaks with Ralph Vince. If you’ve done your homework on trading systems, specifically about optimal bet sizes, you have run across Vince’s work before. Vince is self-taught and has crafted some extremely detailed, comprehensive looks at optimal betting strategy for traders over the last 20-plus years. Covel discusses whether coming up outside of the typical educational institutions affected Vince’s outlook – and how learning outside of institutions can work better for some than others. Covel and Vince also discuss optimal bet sizes; whether Ed Thorp’s work and the Kelly criteria had any effect on Vince’s work; the importance of knowing the optimal spot depending on your criteria; why maximizing profits can result in a large drawdown – and why you should be happy about that; if diversification really does give you a free lunch; and the importance of learning the wrong approach.

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