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Ep. 45: Howard Getson Interview with Michael Covel on Trend Following Radio

Howard Getson
Howard Getson

Michael Covel talks to Howard Getson, an entrepreneur and president & CEO of Capitalogix. For those that recall Covel’s Dave Stendahl’s interview, Getson is an associate of Stendahl. Getson has a degree in psychology and philosophy from Duke University, an MBA and law degree from Northwestern, and has practiced corporate law. Getson is running a hedge fund today as well as a quant research shop, and he’s in the business of systematically finding edges through all sorts of different approaches – not only trend following. Getson started his first business in the sixth grade, and he has always had the mind of an entrepreneur. He talks about his legal background and how being a practicing corporate attorney influenced his trading and other business practices – as well as how a diverse background can help. Covel and Getson also discuss the “E-gene”, and how entrepreneurism is at the core of what both Getson and Covel practice. In 1991, Getson left his law practice, became the CEO of a fast-growing technology company, and started trading. Covel and Getson pick up Getson’s progress from there, and discuss how hunches can be dangerous; turning your hobby into your business; recognizing patterns; the “three levels of mastery” – cognitive, emotional, and physical; how minimum standards can define your life; how systematic trading can define your minimum standards; and controlling emotions through automation. They also discuss the importance of travel with a focus on Southeast Asia in particular and why this area of the world is so important to keep an eye on.

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