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Removing ‘Junk’ from People’s Brains? Check!

From an associate in the trend following world:

“Michael, Great to see you at the MFA panel in Chicago and congratulations on Trend Commandments. I’ve been working through it and really impressed with how you continue to make trend following more and more accessible to the average individual who, unfortunately, has to be de-educated in order to ‘get it’. Your writing successfully breaks down all the mis-information leaving fertile ground for people to open their minds to new concepts of managing money. Most…may never actually trade for themselves, but I think your book is a great tool to get people thinking in the right direction on many things, including how to manage their portfolios.”


Unrelated, people have been asking about trend following performance in recent queries. All of my books, including Trend Commandments, gives an idea of how trend following pros have fared for decades. Ignore their success at your own peril.

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