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“If you don’t address those demons, you end up crashing and burning in some shape or form…”


“All of these overachieving athletes, business people whoever they are, they have been driven by something in the past that has made them succeed beyond their wildest imagination. This allows them to blow ahead to be the best athlete or to get in the best schools to keep going and going and eventually that part, this overachieving behavior, will eventually crash and burn. It is something that is born out of trauma, it can be a little trauma or a big trauma – even if a teacher said ‘You are not the smartest kid in the class’ and you will say ‘I will show you’ and you become valedictorian and get into a top school. Your system re-organizes and your drive to overachieve dominates your life, but you can only do this overachieving for so long.”

“For Rafael Nadal or someone like (golfer) Tiger Woods, they were driven by their insecurity to achieve. There is some area in their life, where the original insecurity shows up, the negative self-talk, whispering in their ear, like the coach from their past who said they are never going to be any good, for example. These frozen parts and experiences from the past are stuck in old memories. They come back and sabotage you, guaranteed. We are all driven by demons. If you don’t address those demons, you end up crashing and burning in some shape or form.”

You think it’s all about making money? You better get that six inches between the ears in alignment too.

Source: Randy Walker, “A Diagnosis of Rafael Nadal’s Lack of Confidence.” World Tennis Magazine, July 2, 2015. See

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