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“Given that you’re taking a risk, what kind are you up for?”

Great post by Seth Godin:

Here’s an interesting choice that most people leave unmade:

How comfortable are you engaging in projects where there’s a likelihood that you’ll lose by just a hair?

What makes a project worthwhile and interesting is that it might not work. All the this-is-sure-to-work projects are taken.

Given that you’re taking a risk, what kind are you up for?

Are you seeking out areas where there’s no competition, true longshots where few people see you fail?

Or are you okay with the daring near misses?

That’s the trend following ethos too.


“I Have No Clue, But Please Post My Anonymous Post!”

This anonymous blog comment (well, he changed his name, but used the same IP as other non-anonymous posts) is quite possibly the most ignorant comment yet on my blog:

“Madoff’s monthly returns (before the fraud was exposed) looked like a trend follower’s nirvana — constantly rising NAV without drawdowns. Madoff investors showed trend-following “savvy” by investing with him knowing that the trend-is-your-friend-until-it-ends (Unfortunately the drawdown came instantaneously — and the Madoff NAV was limit down in perpetuity.)”

How do you spot the next Madoff? Anyone making 1-2% every month is either a scam or will blow up.

How is that remotely related to trend following?

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