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“It’s hard for me to lay out more money for another system that I fear will just sit in my mind and never get acted on…”

Feedback in:

Dear Michael,

Hi! I am writing to inquire about the “twisted discount” you offer on your website. I have read Turtle Traders and was fascinated by it. Problem is, once I read something it sends me down another rabbit hole; TurtleTraders led me to the Taylor Trading Technique and Linda Raschke and Brian Shannon (AVWAP) and Anna Couling (Volume Price Action) and William O’Neil (CANSLIM).

But the more information I get the more paralyzed I become. When I began my trading journey I did so because I have always been interested in it but was always told it was gambling and not a respected way of life. So I became a lawyer and worked [name] (for a summer;) and got my taste of the market back in 1995. And then I had 4 kids and raised them in VT, never getting a chance to invest in the market. So now that I am divorced with control of my finances, I am finally able to live my dream of trading; yet I am too chicken to make a trade.

So, I joined an investment group hoping a group of ppl would give me the boost I needed; but canceled within 2 weeks because the “very successful” moderator was so condescending and arrogant that I was too afraid to even ask a question let alone follow what he suggested—plus they were dealing in numbers I couldn’t even fathom (like 1700 Nividia 1195 calls). And before that, I got burned joining a Penny Stock group that follows 4 cent bankruptcy stocks watching for the bounce (to which I still belong bc it is a lifetime membership LOL).

I told all of this to the Fidelity manager that I saw yesterday after I pulled out of the investment group. And it was that Fidelity manager, [name], who recommended I look you up. Although I read the Turtle Trader a month or so ago, I didn’t realize that you had a whole system. And now having read though your website, I find it very appealing. And so, I am writing to you to inquire what type of discount you would consider. I am embarrassed to ask as you should be paid for your products and expertise; but if I am not confident enough to trade yet, I’ve got to be confident in making money somehow, and so I will submit this plea for a discount.

But in all honesty, I have invested so much time and money in learning, it’s hard for me to lay out more money for another system that I fear will just sit in my mind and never get acted on. I get that’s my own fault, but I will make a promise back: whatever discount you provide, I will repay with the first funds that I make from trading as my initial goal with purchasing your system is finding the confidence to make my first trade (and I am confident once I do I will be successful!)

Thank you for your consideration.

Best regards,

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