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“How should I think about sizing my allocation to each…”

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I’ve done the research enough to know I want meaningful allocation to trend following as a permanent part of my portfolio, and the most affordable access for retail are the relatively new ETFs (past 5 years, but mostly since the strategy crushed it in 2022 when it was desperately needed to bail out all the 60/40s that didn’t own any).

I currently have starter positions in DBMF, CTA, KMLM, and the two new Jerry Parker funds (TFPN and the less well-publicized MFUT). I am investigating ASMF, AHLT, RSST, and HARD, which include some very differentiated strategies, to say the least. Did I miss any notable tickers?

Assuming I’m building a deeply diversified portfolio including gold, cash, stocks, bonds, and alts, how should I think about sizing my allocation to each? Are there any you dislike and why? Is there one or two you love and why? Jerry is a purist known for a long look back, but which of these (if any) do you see as fast (more reactive, shorter look back)? I see merit in having a mix of faster, medium, and slow trend funds. The fast ones might profit less over time but may reduce my need for long vol/tail risk assets which tend to bleed.

I’ve listened to many episodes of your show and love the ones featuring the people making affordable trend following accessible to the masses, so thank you for putting it out there!

Dan S.

I primarily help people to understand and trade trend following methods. Allocation questions like yours? There is no set answer, there is no optimal answer and every answer is personal. People have different goals/aspirations.

How can you move forward immediately to Trend Following profits? My books and my Flagship Course and Systems are trusted options by clients in 70+ countries.

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