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“I would really like to find some success with the markets and see the way the turtles traded…”

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Hi there Michael. I have just finished reading The Complete TurtleTrader. I have a subscription to Nial Fuller’s LTTTM course (price action trading) and know his strategies and execution methods. I have personally not traded much, due to finances, I have traded though with some success and some failure, always on a very small scale and only trading commodities (gold and oil) and some forex pairs (eur/usd, gbp/usd etc). I really enjoyed the read and enjoyed, although risky, the out of the box thinking they incorporated into their trading. I personally have the opposite view, to how the turtles was taught, that you should sell strength and buy weakness, although that has not really paid off for me, in any big way. I guess the reason for my email is I would really like to find some success with the markets and see the way the turtles traded as a way it can be possible. Is it possible to explain the S1 and S2 methods again with perhaps an example using it on any currency pair? Thanks and have a great day.

Willie S.

My books are inexpensive. My podcast is free. But my time to teach? I do that one way: Training. That is comprehensive. Not simply a focus on entry/exit. Gets into portfolio selection as well. Might not be the answer you want now, but may be the best one.

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