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“Your Ukraine comments during your latest episode rubbed me the wrong way…”

Feedback in:

Hello Michael,

My name is Boris and I’ve been listening to your podcast for a while and appreciate all the hard work and great guests you bring to the show.

I live in CA and before you start assuming things about me living in CA, I’d like to mention that I generally agree with you on most topics you discuss, but your Ukraine comments during your latest episode rubbed me the wrong way.

I immigrated from Odessa, Ukraine in 1996 at the age of 18. I still have friends and family who live there, and I have traveled back several times since I moved to the USA. I believe I understand USSR/Russia/Ukraine history of the 20th century and USA’s involvement in the region during the period. I was wondering what is your reference, experience, knowledge on the topic to have such a strong negative opinion against supporting Ukraine in this evil war with Russia for its physical existence and freedoms we enjoy in the West? I’d like to understand why you think you are an expert on the subject to telegraph your “convincing” rant while asking people to exercise critical thinking? What’s the reason you insult the Ukrainian president for working in the entertainment industry before becoming a president and then referencing Ronald Reagan 5 minutes later?

You are clearly not an expert on the subject and I would appreciate it if you stick to the topics you excel and understand or have a slight knowledge about before delivering a passionate rant. But if you think you are an expert enough, please explain your position more clearly.

Boris G.

America should not have been involved in any war since 1965. You can add up the countries. That’s a very well thought out position.

Note: Declaring some one country evil is not an argument.

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