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“How many checklists must I tick before I can identify a good trade…”

Feedback in:

Hi Michael,

[Biggest challenge I face] I’m not sure which rule (game plan) I should use repetitively for 20, 30 years.

I have followed 3 different gurus, and now you are the 4th I follow. All have different rules and game plan. 1 emphasize on stock value, another on price action, another in between.

However, every time I see the market, I fear to enter a trade. Not sure if the homework I do is sufficient to identify a quality trade? How many checklists must I tick before I can identify a good trade? How much stop loss do I need to put? How much % of my portfolio per stock? How many stocks do I need to monitor daily, or weekly?

But following many gurus, it does bring me to you. I like the trend following concept. No need to feel restless on the news.

I am currently reading your book “trend following” (published 2007) from a local library which I come to know about you, I’m just reading til page 20+.

Which book will you recommend so that there is a strategy I can learn from you and start trade using the strategy? Or must I join your course? Cause this book that I am currently reading, (more on physiology) which is also really important, change my mind too! Thanks for that.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Cynthia N.

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