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“The question I have is, any suggestions on the best time frame to use…”

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[My biggest challenge is] Determining the best trigger/entry point and in what time frame. Will using the turtle’s risk management over multiple time frames allow further diversification?

Well, you asked. I attached pictures for your review. When I put on the original trade, I had no formula to pyramid or feel confident of risk control when pyramiding. I only created the spreadsheet within the last week after reviewing “The Complete Turtle Trader” several times.


  • Enter trade when price crosses above the 275 Upper Donchian Channel on a 15-minute chart
  • Primarily working with only 2x and 3x Leveraged ETF’s
  • Exit trade on a stop loss order at the 275 Lower Donchian Channel.

On the attached trade, obviously, I second guessed myself and sold early. I kept thinking about Turtle rules with their hard exit half of the entry spot. In other words, I exited when the price crossed below the 138 Donchian Channel on the 15-minute chart.

The question I have is, any suggestions on the best time frame to use? Minute, 5 minutes, 15 minutes, daily? Or can the same process be applied to all time frames for further diversification?

Howie M.

15-minute charts? Not trend following. See below.

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