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“I would appreciate your views on the main mistakes I made in the trading…”

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My approach to trading in the recent past has been to follow fundamental analysis. I traded the euro us dollar in a long view and entered the market every beginning of only a week when the previous week or weeks there had been a retracement of at least 200 pips since for the theory of parity of the purchasing power of currencies the price of the euro to that relative to the dollar was undervalued. According to Columbia University’s purchasing power currency pricing theory, the equilibrium was around 1.2500 / 1.2700 eur / usd. I was profitable until May 2021 when there was a revaluation of the euro against the dollar up to the price of around 1.2300 and then the price plummeting to parity of (1/1) these days. From May 2021 until October 2021 I continued to trade in the buy euro dollar direction, also averaging downwards and, unfortunately, I suffered heavy losses that canceled out my previous profits. This is the experience I have had on trading trading only one currency pair. doing operations by diversifying between several currency pairs I was able to mitigate the time wasters I was able to obtain some increasing gains or over time. This I cannot say. This is the most important experience I have had in trading. I would appreciate your views on the main mistakes I made in the trading I have carried out. Thanks for the answer that I want to give me.

Best regards,
Stefano D.

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