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“I’ll jump the gun because it’s close or I’ll get in late because I missed it…”

Feedback in:

My biggest challenge is following my entry and exit strategy. I’ll jump the gun because it’s close or I’ll get in late because I missed it. Then I’ll have a run of wins and can’t exit a loser because I think I’m right, generally it does eventually turn around but I’ve added positions the whole way down and am overleveraged to ride out before it comes back. Or I’ll take a few small losses and can’t exit eventually because I’m convinced it’s gonna go. But it has been rejected and it’s a reversal now but I ride it out to blow my account up. And then of course I have trouble riding the trend until a proper exit because after fucking around so much on some entries or I’m past my goals or I’m overleveraged for a scalp, I figure I’ve been right so many times, why not this one too, I get out too small or it bounces right there and I ride out a huge drawdown to a major loss.

Justin R.

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