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“Trend following can be applied to intraday charts as well…”

Feedback in:

Hi Michael,

Was thinking about lower time frames.

I know you don’t agree to apply trend following techniques to lower time frames, less than daily but, was thinking about the fact that the markets are fractal (Bill Dreis FWA, etc.).

Considering that being true, what would be the problem to apply a trend following technique (Turtle, FWA, etc.) to lower time frames, for example an hourly chart?

If the fractal idea keeps valid, then the annual results would be monthly results or even weekly results (15% per week, etc).

Do you know if someone studied trend following techniques on lower time frames? And what do you think about that in terms of fractal behavior? Why not use lower time frames to get bigger and faster results?

I really think that, due to the fractal behavior of markets, trend following can be applied to intraday charts as well.

Would like to hear from you the reason why trend following is only for long term trading.

Thank you,
Joao P.

Intraday is horseshit unless you are Citadel, Simons, JPM, etc. You are not them. So, no, I don’t agree. You should find out how you came to have such a wrong view.

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