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“I can recall several deals where I have missed gains because I chickened out…”

Feedback in:

Hi Michael,

I have now been reading in your book for the last week (first two chapters). So far I like the book. Especially that the book have started getting me to think about what a trend is, and how I have traded earlier in life. I can recall several deals where I have missed gains in the range 90-200%, because I chickened out a few days before. So at the moment, trading is limited until I am able to put my new trend strategy onto paper and action. This brings me to what my biggest challenge with trading. In general my biggest issue is psychology, emotions and lack of control. So at least I know what I need to work with to improve in the big picture. I will look forward to complete the book, and follow your mini course.

Best Regards
Simon L.

Keep going. Keep digging.

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