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“I have often traded by putting all my eggs in one basket and based my decisions off of rumors…”

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Hi Michael, Biggest challenge, I do not follow any rules, no structure or foundation. I have often traded by putting all my eggs in one basket and based my decisions off of rumors, “a friend of a friend told me about this stock, it’s gonna go big!”. There have been a few occasions where it has gone big and I have seen a lot of paper money in my account, in one case $250K, only to not sell and watch it dwindle all the way down to my original 15K investment, and then below that! I thought it was going to go much higher. I have lost a lot of money in the market and it is frustrating! I am tired of losing. By the way, I am obsessive, compulsive, impulsive, and a recovering alcoholic. I can obsess about anything. Not too long ago I was obsessed with the news. I am the director of a research clinic in CA, ran all the vaccine trials, saw all the lies out there from supposed “trusted institutions”, and it practically drove me to the looney bin, no joke. I hit a bottom emotionally right in front of my children and when that happened I knew it was time to dig myself out. Feeling better than I have ever felt now and only because of the actions I take each day. When I use my powers of obsession for good, I thrive. I plan on obsessing about Trend Following because I want my 2 little boys, my wife, myself, and my family to thrive. I am a winner, always have been, just been tricked by external forces. Sorry, more than you wanted I am sure. Chris K.

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