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“I first attempted day trading and quickly realized that it was not for me after a few thousand dollars…”

Feedback in:

I am very new to trading, I first attempted day trading and quickly realized that it was not for me after a few thousand dollars and not even one return that would cover the broker fees, and certainly was not my plan. I’m 45 years old consider myself intelligent, well let’s say I know I have common sense. And I’m modest. I’ve worked in civil construction for the past 18 years starting from a laborer, and now a superintendent. I hate it always have. In the past 3 weeks I’ve discovered that the market is very exciting, weird maybe. But I can watch charts all day and smile while I’m losing money I can only imagine how much I’d enjoy it if the table was turned, which is why I’m now here, after searching for books on trading, day trading, swing trading fundamentals & technical analysis. Then I saw yours, never heard about it with all the googling I’ve done so thought I should check it out. So far, glad I have. So to answer your question, I’ve discovered my biggest challenges with trading thus far and it has only been 3 weeks. Volatility, but it’s not the up and down that bothers me it’s the unknowing of its return. But it is not my concern as I feel with more time that will go away. Maybe you hear this a lot but I feel my traits fit the job well, I do not overreact, and I deal with stress and decision-making in high-stress moments extremely well. I’m not full of myself, and I’m logical. So I think really my biggest challenges are finding the right trades to make, knowing when to buy with confidence! And that is mostly is CONFIDENCE. In life, I have always been good at everything I’ve shown interest in. Top of the class. Good at it! I’m very interested in trading. Wish I did it 25 years ago. And if I can get good with confidence before I run out of money which doesn’t give me much time. Anyways, I look forward to hearing back if you do actually read these. Maybe you have a job for me learning this extremely fascinating trade.

Thanks for your time

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