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“My biggest challenge is I have no idea what I am doing after 3 months…”

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Hi Michael,

Thank you for reading my mail. Came across your podcast, and thought this is where I can pick up again. To put it bluntly, my biggest challenge is I have no idea what I am doing after 3 months. I started trading 3 months back. As others have said it, beginner’s luck. I managed to make few hundred bucks daily, “following trend”. I thought trading was easy. I thought I saw pattern in CEI, buying long, and selling. There were some consistency in the way market moved in late Sep for a few days, until I found out that was just luck being kind. Tried to pick myself up from tips in the media. Switched between PROG, PHUN and then some more. Found myself trailing further. In short, I learnt I am practising bad trading. Probably did not set myself up proper at the start, and do not have a system in trading. Current plan is to save up, and hopefully, come back in a year or two, lessons learnt. Once again, thank you for your time, and I am grateful for the training video. I will make full use of it. Appreciated. Have a great holiday and may it bring you and your family loads of blessings, love, joy and warmth.

Best regards

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