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“The main problem or challenge I have at the moment is the abundance of information I keep finding…”

Feedback in:

Hello Michael. First of all I really enjoy your podcast episodes, which are fabulous, and this is how I found your site. The main problem or challenge I have at the moment is the abundance of information I keep finding. Most of what I read, or watch, or listen to seems to be offering great advice on how to improve my trading. Sadly a lot of what I see is simply snippets of information that are produced for marketing purposes and click counts on Youtube. What a shame! I am still sifting through this lot of information whilst still trying to polish a suitable plan to use for my trading. Swing trading being my intention, using the daily and weekly charts predominantly, but with lower time frames for entry accuracy. Luckily I have been careful with my losses and therefore my losses are small and are easy to cope with. This is one main point I learnt quickly to control thankfully. Thanks for taking the time to read my reply and I hope it helps.

Mark W

Two issues:

1. I am not aware of a single definition for swing trading.

2. I have never seen swing trading performance that remotely comes close to trend following. In fact, I have never seen swing trading performance.

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