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“What is your biggest challenge you have faced with your Trading? Over-scaling to grab the big win…”

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“What is your biggest challenge you have faced with your Trading?” Over-scaling to grab the big win.

Josh C.

Your strategy and time frame now?

Thank you for the questions. For wife’s Vanguard IRA (10 years): Bob Brinker’s mutual funds 50stock/50bond. Stock side 80US, 20non-US. Bond fund durations of 0-5 years. My IRA, via Fidelity (10 years): Also 50/50, with 10% single stocks via Ferris’ Extreme Value portfolio, any issue bought once per week when price is equal to or more than -1% from prior day (buy low). My personal Robinhood portfolio (10 years): Brad Thomas’s REITs (mostly net lease, commercial mortgages, longer-term value approach, adding when prices are -1% or greater, 1 share max of each stock per week). Dave Lukas’s 12-Minute trading w/put credit spreads on high performing stocks, 4-6 months out, approx. 10%+ each; Speculating SPY movement over several months using Felix Frey’s Options Greek calculator; and VXX long puts on price strength. Scalp trading on observed, ganged day-performance of SPY, IWM, QQQ, & DIA – and Raging Bull’s SPY of the Day. Swing trading on NetPicks’ Overnight Pop Trades in those same 4 ETFs; Hilary Kramer’s 2-day trader (usually same, plus XLF etc.); Wyatt’s Earnings Season Trader for up to 2-week IV crush earnings report vertical credit spreads; and Thursday into Friday Finviz scanner for vertical credit spreads. My mother’s Robinhood portfolio (3 years): 10% REITs including Health Care & Gaming (not sectors I hold), balance in high dividend-paying blue chips, Business Dev Corp ETFs, and preferred ETFs. Abandoned: Matt Choi’s Calendar Predictives; Schaeffer: OpEx trades; Investor Place’s Technical Traders Alert; Profits Run: Rapid Income Engine; Forbes Premium Income Report buy-write strategies; Wyatt’s High Yield Trader: Leaps/Covered Call service.


That’s too much. Overkill. It looks like you needed a healthy dose of blunt. Start here and here for a trend following simplification.

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