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“Here’s my challenge…”

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Hello Michael, Here’s my challenge…After following an entered trend and compounding it (I’m only trading long un-leveraged stock or if short, using “pre-loaded” proshare-ETF positions (eg short/long gold, short/long 20yr treasuries (like TTT), et. al.) for now until confident about having good grasp of methodology) I use a custom indicator I adapted from your spiral bound course-book from around year 2000, but I seem to be exiting just past the point of maximum profit and yesterday things moved very fast against those positions. During previous episodes of trend turnaround, I tried waiting through the next cycle as if all were “cup-handle” formations so lowered my stops for the first “round” raising them in the second. Sometimes it worked nicely but net losing strategy, losses after leaving profitable positions too late. What have I missed. The consistency and similarity of this phenomenon suggests that I am at least misinterpreting one aspect (or more perhaps) of either rules for compounding ATR units when trend is good and/or pulling the trigger too late. Thanks in advance.

Not one time in 20 years have I advised on cycles or cup-handle formations. You need a workable trend following system first. You don’t have that.

How can you move forward immediately to Trend Following profits? My books and my Flagship Course and Systems are trusted options by clients in 70+ countries.

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