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“I’m brand new to futures trading…”

Feedback in:

Hello, I’m brand new to futures trading and do not even know how to place a trade in the futures market. I opened a trading account with Interactive Brokers with $10,000 USD. I would like to only trade futures as I believe they offer maximum diversification, leverage and are very black and white when it comes to trading. I can follow 50-75 global markets across stock indices, currencies, commodities and interest rates. This is a much more simple and clean way of trading for me as I don’t have to follow hundreds of individual stock charts/prices. Just a few questions before I purchase Michael’s Flagship trading system. If I only want to trade futures will this provide me proper diversification in my portfolio? Or is it absolutely necessary to trade stocks, ETF’s and other instruments? Is $10,000 USD enough money to achieve a properly diversified futures portfolio? Since I don’t know how to place a trade in the futures market I don’t know how much money I will need for each futures contract. Maybe they are too expensive and $10,000 USD will not be enough to diversify properly? Also, with Michael’s trading program is the trading system already designed and backtested? Or, will I just receive information and techniques about trend following but then have to design a trading system on my own? I appreciate you taking the time to respond to my email because I’m willing to study, work hard and apply the trading techniques to succeed.

I provide a system and rules you can use now. FAQs here and capital issues here. Read about markets to trade here.

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