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“Biggest challenge? Difficult to simply say the biggest since it appears my challenges seem to fluctuate…”

Feedback in:

Thanks Michael, Appreciate the personal interest. No test required, I trust you (to a point since I don’t know you and talk can be cheap). Biggest challenge? Difficult to simply say “the biggest” since it appears my challenges seem to fluctuate. Early on my biggest hurdle seemed to be lack of knowledge / awareness. The more I know and/or learn about the market (stocks) the more I realize I don’t know. I was missing (still do to a point) a solid working level of knowledge WRT “the” stock market and how it operates. Today, as I learn more, I would say WRT day / swing trading and long term investing (again, primarily stocks) my challenges tend to circle two main areas.

– Lack of knowledge (increasing by the day)
– Psychology (stubborn mindset fighting the tendency to NEED certainty to justify taking action)

How about that for starters?

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