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“I’ve been wasting my time and money on discretionary trades…”

Feedback in to my question of what is your biggest challenge:

Thanks for asking this question. It’s a question I’ve asked myself countless times. Finally I have my answer. For me it’s letting go of discretionary trades. You see I arrived at my own trend following systems without knowing about your work but every time I would fall back to baseline because I still felt compelled to do discretionary trades and inevitably f up the profit generated on the systematic trading. The reason why I felt compelled to do discretionary trading is because in the past I have had huge success with it (7 figures) but over the past 15 years most of it has been given back. I have automated my systematic trading system and also run my discretionary trades alongside and kept spreadsheets and equity curves and finally seen how I’ve been wasting my time and money on discretionary trades. The systematic trading has generated 5x this year (2021) whilst the discretionary has made a small loss. If I had just stuck to systematic trading for past 15 years there is no doubt I would have been into 8 figures. Now I’m reading your sites and listening to your podcasts and saying to myself I wish I had discovered this earlier. Now I realise I am the casino and I have so much peace of mind because I trust that the best outcome is achieved and is being achieved by just operating my automated system which is basically a trend following strategy. Now I will just spend time on improving at trend following.

Sounds like you have seen the light.

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