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“I sent you an email prior but you didn’t respond. It was a test for me…”

Feedback in:

I sent you an email prior but you didn’t respond. It was a test for me because you noted in one of you emails “go ahead test me”. Anyway I am reading you book TREND FOLLOWING and am reading the interview with Ed Seykota. You say: “I sometimes feel like my career’s the same way. I don’t necessarily know why, I’m just driven to do what I do and I’m not necessarily sure what I even do, but I just do it.” I cannot explain how attached to this statement I feel but it is refreshing to know that I am reading this book and thinking the same way. I am 40 years old, married for 5 years, just had a baby and work in medical device sales. I went to school for finance, always have loved numbers, am intrigued with the markets but never did anything to pursue working with the markets. I traded on my Scottrade account which as you know is TD and always just purchased things on hear say or stocks that I felt wouldn’t go out of business anytime soon. About 4 years ago I was at a party that wasn’t really my seen but another guy was there and we were discussing the markets and trading. He told me about a few books he read before he started trading and one of those books was yours. It wasn’t until I had a baby and my life completely slowed down that I started reading your book. Now I have money to trade with and I just found the time to read your book. I also purchased your audio book TurtleTraders and listed to it between cases at work. I want to really dive into this way of trading the next 20 years and see where it takes me. However I would love to pick your brain. I know that is a long shot but maybe you will get this email and think you have an opportunity to follow me as I embark on my journey as a Turtle trend trader. The 40 year old that started a family who was average and elevated himself to the next level TREND FOLLOWING.

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