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“Any and all advice or resources you can point me to would be greatly appreciated…”

Feedback in:

I am a banker based in NYC. I have been meaning to reach out to thank you for the info in Trend Following. I purchased the book and having finished it have been able to apply some good nuggets from it. I have been looking for ways to beef up my PA without too much labor and many of your insights helped. I basically trade indexes and individual stocks with futures and options. I like FX but hate rates, don’t want to bring sand to the beach and TED spreads just don’t do it for me. The best thing about your book is that stylistically it suits my personality. I love leverage, love big wins, agnostic to tiny losses, overall pretty agnostic even to big draw downs (a lot of disposable income helps). Love pairs, long vol / long gamma setups to catch trends. More importantly, I hate mean reversion, net selling of premium, (only really do it to offset theta or collapsing vol). I have been able to configure my positions around your principals. I am also not a big chart guy so few parameters for entries and exits help greatly. So far, things are going great! At some point I would like to transition to trading my PA full time though I am quite a ways out but would like to learn how to put together a roadmap. Any and all advice or resources you can point me to would be greatly appreciated.John

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