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Ep. 1008: David Schonthal Interview with Michael Covel on Trend Following Radio

David Schonthal
David Schonthal

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Most marketers, innovators, executives, activists, or anyone else in the business of creating change, operate on a deep assumption. It is the belief that the best (and perhaps only) way to convince people to embrace a new idea is to heighten the appeal of the idea itself. We instinctively believe that if we add enough value, people will eventually say “yes.”

This reflex leads us down a path of adding features and benefits to our ideas or increasing the sizzle of our messaging – all in the hope of getting others on board. We call this instinct the “Fuel-based mindset.” The Fuel-based mindset explains so much of what we do, from adding countless trivial features to software, to bolting a sixth blade onto a shaving razor.

By focusing on fuel, innovators neglect the other half of the equation – the psychological Frictions that oppose change. Frictions create drag on innovation. And though they are rarely considered, overcoming these Frictions is essential for bringing new ideas into the world. David Schonthal highlights the four Frictions that operate against innovation:

  • Why their best ideas get rejected – despite their undeniable value.
  • How to disarm the forces of resistance that act against change.
  • How to transform the very Frictions that hold us back into catalysts for change.

David Schonthal’s The Human Element is an great resource to help people overcome the powerful forces of human nature that instinctively resist change.

Bio: David Schonthal is a Clinical Professor of Innovation & Entrepreneurship at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management, where he teaches courses in new venture creation, design thinking, business acquisition, healthcare entrepreneurship, corporate innovation and creativity. He is also a Senior Director of Business Design at IDEO.

In this episode of Trend Following Radio:

  • New Ideas and Innovation
  • The Human Element
  • Improving the Idea
  • Four Primary Frictions
  • Apple Products
  • Simplicity in Design
  • Dating Apps
  • Medical Innovations

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