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“Any directional coaching appreciated!”

Feedback in:

I am still learning. Any directional coaching appreciated!

I signed up for one of your classes this AM on the book purchase/password site.

I have been living in Chapter 28 of your book since 2005 (investment wholesaler)!

I am unlearning 16 years of what Chapter 28 railed on (with extreme accuracy I might add).

I got to Chapter 28, and I felt like Bruce Willis in “6th Sense” or Chaz Palmintieri in “Usual Suspects” when it hit them at the end and they figured it all out!!

I have already gifted “Trend Following” book to others that need to pull the ejection handle from “The Great Hypocrisy.”

I have listened to Episode 40 multiple times and sent it to a lot of friends.

Scales are falling off of eyes!

You have moved me to a new understanding of reality and I am open to ideas!

Go here, here, here, here, here, here and here.

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