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“I am writing to you because I listened to your pod cast with Tom Basso and other trend following traders…”

Feedback in:

I am writing to you because I listened to your pod cast with Tom Basso and other trend following traders. I got into trading last year because of the covid-19. I am a chef, 44 years old, and a father of 2 children. My wife and I moved to Australia 16 years ago. Its been a blessing life. how ever i want make more than make ends meet. My Dad last year sent me a link with a day trading course. I had never understood the markets. I took the course, I’ve learn a lot, even-though the course was for day trading, the coach/mentor always said. the market goes up, down or side ways, there is opportunities in all markets, and I could make money going long or short, trading in any time frame, yet I need to understand a few things in order to develop my own strategy. its been a year trying to figure it out, I am still on this journey. One day I accidentally listened to a Tom Basso interview with system traders, then I listen to your podcast (I love it) and here I am. fascinated with the idea of trend following. Tom Basso current strategy sounds amazing, 40m to 1h in front of the computer, checking the buy and sell engine is doing its thing, have the system doing the hard work, have the variety of markets, and the best, no prediction, no idea what its the next thing, just follow the trend. Amazing.

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