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“My biggest challenge right now is that I would have to close my portfolio of losing marijuana stocks to afford your course right now…”

Feedback in:

I’ve read your books Turtle Trading and was awed by what could be done in the market. I’m reading your Trend Following book now ingesting more information to use at my first opportunity. I’m a 60 year old African American male and only wish I had this information 5, 10, or 15 years ago. I would have reached my financial goals and not struggling now about how to pay for my course. Especially since I seem to be more willing to take risk then than now. Nonetheless, I think this is the best financial information I’ve ever come across and hoping that I can teach it to some of my friends and family after mastering it myself. Leading by example is important for me and in getting others to accept the information willingly. This could change the lives of so many people. Thank you for your books and your courses. I will find a way to get this course.

Thanks for the kind words.

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