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“My biggest trading challenge that I find is patience!…”

Feedback in:

Hi Michael, My biggest trading challenge that I find is patience! I often enter a trade and for weeks it bounces around in profit then out of profit then it goes against me to the point where my stop looks like it will be hit, so I exit the trade to take a slightly smaller loss. Then when doing scans and research into next opportunities, I revisit the stock or commodity months or years down the track to find that if I had only held for longer, my original trade would have been in huge profit! I’ve lost count how many times this has happened. I need help fixing this issue. Also I’m struggling to find a good commodities/share broker in one place that I can trade here in Australia. Would you please be able to recommend one to me. I am also struggling to find a trading mentor. I realise that a mentor is busy and that I shouldn’t get something for nothing, but I find it extremely hard to justify paying $10,000 give or take for a course or mentor when I’m trying to use that money to trade with. I have made this mistake several times in the past and have ended up minus the $10k and not very good results to show for my money spent, especially when it takes so long to save in the first place. I find it comforting to write this to you and getting it off my chest, knowing you will read it and hopefully point me in the right direction. I have loved reading your trend trading books.

Thanks for the candid feedback, but don’t my books describe the opposite of what you are doing? Time to reboot.

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