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You’re getting there, Michael, podcast milestone #1,000…

Feedback in:

You’re getting there, Michael, podcast milestone #1,000 (well, most likely already recorded). Don’t reveal…. I’ll wait, remaining curious as to who you’ve assigned the honour of being guest for that one. “Will he go back to where the journey all started and interview a TF heavyweight, a north star guiding light?” or something like that?! It feels as if it were yesterday, a skype call with you (it was 7am in Taipei, Taiwan for me) in Dec 2012. Our first verbal conversation even though we’ve connected since late 1998 or so days (when I was in native IRE terra, then UK, then HK, then AU). You mentioned 2013 would be a seachange for you… thinking of launching a podcast and moving to Asia for ‘a few months’. I laughed telling you that wouldn’t be a short visit – far from it – and that this was to be a great move. You’ve come a long way – ever adapting, evolving, honing your work and how it’s presented. A hell of a proud digital asset you have there. Respect and keep on going strong.

Thanks for the kind words Gary.

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