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“Our biggest weaknesses are ourselves and getting out of our own way…”

Feedback in:

I grew up in very middle class setting and always had a shelter over my head and food to eat, however walked out of high school with no skills or knowledge to be able to take care of of myself because I was considered the problem kid. Many years of beating my head against the wall and learning over and over the hard way. Despite that I raised 2 amazing kids who are doing well. Now as an empty nester I need to focus on my financial future but roll with the tsunami waves like the rest of the world.  My hubs and I made a little chunk of money in real estate and it’s time to make that money make its own money. Hubs knows more than I do regarding markets and investments and I have in the past been able to plug in and pay attention to the investing but my job is highly stressful and demanding so that is his “job.” That’s going to change soon and we are moving the ball forward. If you can take 23 very different people with different exposures maybe there are some principles I can use. Our biggest weaknesses are ourselves and getting out of our own way.

I agree. Jump in.

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