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“I am the type that will dive deep and design and confirm and commit to a trading model…”

Feedback in:

Hi Michael,

I’m a long time fan, and was deep into system trading with TradeStation, starting in 1997 thru 2000. This was before your books, but I was manic and consumed 3 trading books a week, and would program the models in TradeStation. The market was was my irrational patient and programming TradeStation was my instrument of diagnosis.

The twins were born in 2000 and I made the decision to stop actively trading. Through the intervening years, I would occasionally read an investing book or two. When I came across TrendFollowing, the wisdom and truth of all the information I have been sifting through and compiling for years…was finally and comprehensively collated in one book. Needless to say, I have read every book you’ve written since, and am a big fan of your Podcast. Thank you.

Biggest Challenge = Time commitment. I am the type that will dive deep and design and confirm and commit to a trading model, but with my busy lifestyle, the daily discipline of managing the system (checking the model and executing trades, etc.) is something I know will fall through the cracks. I could probably get up and going with TradeStation again, and I think they allow for system executed trades, but the time, effort, and cost involved are not insignificant. Any recommendations?


Many issues here. The question for you: Do you want to trade yourself or have someone trade for you? Start here and here.

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