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“My biggest challenge is I have too much emotion tied to gains & losses…”

Feedback in:

Great Day,

I am reading your book The Complete TurtleTrader. I heard about Richard Dennis from the Market Wizard series. I preface my response to your question in this way because initially I couldn’t say what my “Biggest” challenge is–I have several but if I boiled it down to one I would say I have too much emotion tied to gains & losses. The losses I take when I am following my system are more acceptable than the losses I take when I jump ahead of my system and take trades prematurely before my system gives a trade signal – THIS is my 2nd biggest challenge–getting ahead of my system. Listening to the story about the Turtles and the discipline required to carry out their system is helping me resolve this challenge. Thank you for such a great body of work and the sincerity you exude through your commentary.

All the best,

Al W.

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