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“The biggest contribution of both the book and the course to me…”

Feedback in:

First of all, thank you again for your mini course. There is also very valuable and useful information in your book. The biggest contribution of both the book and the course to me; it helped me understand the fact that real success is in trend following, that trend forecasting is pointless. I want to give an example. I recently bought Brent Oil and Crude Oil transactions. The mode of trade was long position. First of all, I determined my stop loss point and then I entered the trade by determining my take profit point. As I predicted, prices rose and by touching the take profit point, the transactions were closed with profit. But since I did not follow the trend, I could have made much more profit, but my transactions were closed with a small profit. Normally people are happy to get profit in this situation. However, it is your mini-course, and when I looked at the information I got from your book, I actually found out that these procedures were harmful. For this reason, I have seen once again how important trend tracking is for real profit. Then I made a small change in my current system. The change I made was that the main target should be big trends even if there are small losses. Currently, I continue to trade through this system. For this reason, I would like to express my gratitude for the added value you provide.

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