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“My biggest challenge I have faced with my trading is impatience…”

Feedback in:

My biggest challenge I have faced with my trading is impatience. But I’m trying to beat it and hope to get better day by day.

What is your exact strategy and time frame?

My strategy is the Gann technique and Murrey Math analysis. I’m using 4 hour timeframes. But I also look at larger and smaller timeframes before trading. In fact, there was something I noticed yesterday. My technique is quite successful on 4-hour timeframes. Of course, I occasionally have a stop loss. In smaller timeframes, the stop loss increases as it counts. But if I had traded according to 1-day timeframes, both my number of transactions would decrease and I would continue with 100% success without any stop loss. There is only one problem here. I can log in according to 1-day timeframes or weekly timeframes. But I use an official system for trading and the system I use has high collateral rates for trading. The free collateral remaining in my balance after the collateral is not sufficient. In other words, when I log in according to the 1-day time frame, success comes one way or another, but my balance may be insufficient during the ups and downs that occur during this period. Also, I have insufficient knowledge about trend tracking in terms of entry and exit points. That’s why I’m currently reading your book, The Trend Follower. I think it will be useful.

Stop Gann now. It’s a scam. It’s bullshit.

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